Important Dems DUMPS Own Party For The GOP

After having an epiphany, Rosa Arellano, a retired Border Patrol agent, has abandoned Biden and his party in favor of the GOP. She came to the conclusion that Biden was to blame for the chaos at the border between the United States and Mexico. She thus made the decision to replace the inept party with one that could lead well.

Arellano spoke with Fox on the escalating border problem on “Fox & Friends First” on Monday. The veteran agent remarked that Biden’s absurd policies are directly related to the current state of the country.

She continued by saying that Trump’s successful achievements had not been helped by those foolish ideas. We previously anticipated this much while the President was pursuing his anti-Trump agenda. All of Trump’s initiatives were entirely workable, but Biden took them simply and built his own that were absolutely ineffective, all because he didn’t like Trump. It should have been obvious from that stupid action that Biden would not make a successful leader because he was unable to keep his personal feelings apart from the concerns of the country.

Arellano continued by pointing out that Trump and Biden aren’t just two presidents from various political parties. She claimed that Trump and Biden were on very different planes. He took the affairs of the country seriously and personally oversaw the best possible operation of everything. Old Joe, on the other hand, is just concerned about his paid vacations and is unconcerned with border difficulties.

The former CBP agent said that it was the previous President who persuaded her to switch parties since he always conducted himself in the manner of an authentic president, listening to the border officials’ worries and seeing to it that they were suitably allayed.




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