GOP Rep Says Baby Formula Being Sent To Border for Immigrants

Despite a statewide scarcity that is making many Americans anxious, Republicans are accusing President Joe Biden of transferring pallets of infant formula to warehouses along the US-Mexico border for immigrants who crossed the border illegally.

Rep. Kat Cammack, a Florida Republican, claimed in a Facebook Live video released Wednesday that a border patrol agent in Texas informed her that he had brought in pallets of baby formula for immigrants. She said that the children who received the formula were not at blame, but she voiced her displeasure with what she called another evidence of America’s last agenda.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also mentioned newly released photos from the border, claiming that the Biden administration was shipping containers of baby formula there.

A statewide baby formula shortage has resulted from a February recall of powdered infant formula from an Abbott Nutrition factory in Sturgis, Michigan, which was related to numerous newborn hospitalizations and fatalities, as well as ongoing supply chain delays. The Biden administration has received substantial reaction and requests to take action while the Michigan plant remains closed and families continue to struggle to acquire adequate supplies.

Cammack also shared a photo from the Ursula facility on Twitter on Wednesday, in addition to her Facebook video. The snapshot showed a shelf of Advantage infant formula canisters sandwiched between two racks of apple sauce.

She also uploaded a snapshot of grocery store shelves that she said were minimally supplied with infant formula.

Cammack made no mention of who took the images.




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