Hackers Are Using an Apple Device To Track Down Victims

A new criminal strategy that exploits Apple’s technologies to find valuable objects and steal them, or worse, could have you as its victim. You cannot defend yourself against anything if you don’t understand how it operates.

The 2021 version of Apple AirTags is meant to make it easier for you to keep track of your possessions. Simply affix one of the quarter-sized gadgets to your keychain or purse, and if the item becomes lost, you can use your iPhone to find it by either having the tag communicate its location to your phone or making it chirp through its onboard speaker.

Tragically, thieves have figured out how to use the sophisticated security tags as tracking mechanisms a la spy flicks. After seeing a warning on social media, a woman in Nashville, Tennessee, started receiving iPhone alerts about an unknown item a year ago. When she went to check her car for tags, she discovered two men standing outside of it. Fortunately, she was accompanied by three male friends, and as soon as the men noticed them, they fled.

Another Nashville resident noticed his BMW was emitting the distinctive AirTag chirp; shortly after, the vehicle was stolen. When it was found, he looked through it and discovered an AirTag concealed inside the door.

You should take it seriously if your iPhone informs you that an AirTag is tracking your whereabouts even though you don’t own one. Look for the little gadgets in your car, handbag, backpack, and even pockets. If you don’t, criminals could be able to take advantage of you when you’re most defenseless. You must take action to safeguard yourself because the legal system still doesn’t fully comprehend this threat.




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