High School Banning Unvaxxed Students from Graduation Ceremony

According to rumors, a high school in Los Angeles County is barring unvaccinated children from attending their graduation ceremony.

After excluding unvaccinated seniors from prom and senior awards night, Granada Hills Charter High School is also restricting unvaccinated students from attending its June 2 graduation ceremony.

Granada Hills Charter High School allows 70 unvaccinated seniors to participate remotely in the ceremony by having their names shouted as their classmates walk the stage.

Andrew Luna, a senior at Granada Hills, said the situation is painful and that he feels abandoned by the institution for which he worked so hard.

Granada Hills High declared that only vaccinated pupils would be allowed to return to campus for the current spring semester after the school used remote learning throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

The unvaccinated students were enrolled in an online independent study program at the institution, which prevented them from participating in extracurricular activities on campus.

It’s not only about Luna and the other seniors attending the impending graduation ceremony. Instead, they believe they are fighting for the next generation of unvaccinated elders.

Parents of individuals who have been barred from attending the graduation ceremony are naturally angry.

He went on to say that his kid would like to get tested for coronavirus before the graduation ceremony, but that the school would not allow it.

As a charter school, Granada Hills Charter High School is exempt from the Los Angeles Unified School District’s vaccination mandate, which has been postponed twice, with the next vaccine requirement set for July 2023.

“Our community requested and overwhelmingly supported our student vaccine policy, as evidenced by our 99 percent vaccination rate among those who are eligible,” according to the high school.




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