House Minority Leader Wants to Ignore Biden’s Memory Mishaps

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, a Democratic Representative from New York, criticized the report by Special Counsel Robert Hur regarding President Joe Biden’s memory lapses as improper. Speaking on CNN’s The Lead on February 13, Jeffries described the report as not only unwarranted and unnecessary but also fundamentally contrary to American values in various aspects.

During an interview with host Jake Tapper, the progressive congressman was questioned about whether he believed the report posed any harm to the commander-in-chief. He responded negatively, asserting that President Biden had not committed any wrongdoing. 

He further emphasized that the American public simply sought the truth, contending that the report fully cleared Biden, despite its documentation of legal violations by the president. Hur mentioned the challenge of convicting an elderly individual with memory issues, which influenced the decision not to pursue charges against the president.

Regarding Hur’s intentions, Jeffries informed Tapper that they were questionable and contended that any conclusions he drew apart from legal statutes and factual evidence should be disregarded.

The CNN host addressed the raised concerns regarding President Biden’s age and mental acuity, voiced not only by the special counsel but also by numerous voters. Eventually, he inquired of the House Minority Leader how he would address those who question the president’s fitness for another term in office.

Jeffries strongly criticized the report, asserting that there is no cause for concern as it cleared the president of any wrongdoing. He further remarked that Hur’s decision to “target” the liberal leader indicated questionable motives, suggesting that much of the information documented in the report should be viewed skeptically.

After the release of the extensive 388-page report, numerous Democrats swiftly came to the defense of their apparently vulnerable leader and initiated a vigorous counterattack against Hur. Among them was Democratic strategist Jon Reinish, who expressed concern over the disparate media coverage of gaffes made by President Biden and former President Donald Trump. Reinish argued that despite the Republican leader’s more frequent incoherent ramblings, it is the commander-in-chief who receives the majority of the scrutiny.

As the Left rushes to shield Biden and downplay his increasing problems, many on the right are capitalizing on the situation. Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey even urged Vice President Kamala Harris to utilize the 25th Amendment to oust the president. Morrisey’s stance is echoed by several other lawmakers, such as Senator Josh Hawley and Representative Guy Reschenthaler.




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