Truckers Rally Behind Former President, Float Boycott of NYC

The business fraud trial involving ex-President Donald Trump concluded in mid-January, with Judge Arthur Engoron presiding and previously establishing Trump’s liability. The final verdict was issued on February 16, instructing Trump to pay over $350 million and imposing a three-year prohibition on conducting business in the city. Following the judgment, a coalition of truckers expressed support for Trump and warned of a potential citywide boycott.

A specific trucker, identified as “Chicago Ray,” shared a video on X (formerly Twitter), urging a boycott on deliveries to The Big Apple in solidarity with the ex-president. In the video, he advised New Yorkers to “start stocking up” as he claimed there were “millions of Truckers for Trump,” hinting at potential shortages of goods in the city.

The video gained widespread attention and was shared on TikTok, where the man’s grandson reportedly encountered it, as per Fox News. This prompted Ray to delete the video, but it had already been downloaded by someone, and it continues to circulate.

Subsequently, Ray returned to X, this time retracting his initial stance. He clarified that he is “no figurehead of any movement” and isn’t “encouraging anyone to do anything other than what they were doing prior to the ruling.” Nevertheless, he affirmed his unwavering support for Trump and encouraged others to do the same.

In the event of a genuine threat where truckers ceased delivering goods to New York City, the impact on the city’s economy would likely be limited unless a substantial number of trucks participated. A few trucks discontinuing deliveries might inconvenience certain retailers, stores, or restaurants dependent on those shipments. However, there are typically alternative drivers and methods available, mitigating the potential disruption. At most, some businesses might experience mild inconvenience rather than a severe economic impact.




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