House Speaker Mercilessly Mocked after Making Ridiculous Biden Claim

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently went out on a limb in an attempt to defend Biden during an MSNBC interview, saying that Biden has done an outstanding job and has had a better two years than most presidents. Pelosi is the wife of a man known for questionable stock trades and his most recent DUI in Napa Valley.

“Yes, we need generational change. Of course we do. But in some cases, there’s no substitute for experience, and I think that what we had been through with the legislation under the leadership of President Biden, who has done a spectacular job – he’s had a better two years than most presidents that you can name, certainly in the recent generations.”

Biden’s presidency so far may have had one or two bright moments for Democrats, but by any measure, it has been a failure.

There was Afghanistan’s embarrassing defeat. After that, the inflation issue really got going, and prices have been rising ever since, taking a serious toll on the suffering Americans’ wallets. Under Biden’s leadership, Putin invaded Ukraine, and Xi is ready to launch his army and weapons across the Taiwan Strait whenever the chance arises.

The price of gas has been fluctuating, but now that OPEC+ has announced a significant reduction in the amount that is pumped, it appears that we’re in for another round of excruciatingly high gas costs. 

As the FBI conducts raids on Biden’s political adversaries, crime has ravaged American communities and the political climate has grown more heated than it has in decades.

The Dobbs judgment and the court’s opposition to gun control were major setbacks for the Democrats.

Democrats will lose numerous seats in November as a result of this. People are growing weary of these lies, especially when they feel the financial impact and can personally attest to the reality of the situation in this nation.




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