Hundreds of Migrants Cross Border into Overwhelmed Texas Border Sector

Hundreds of migrants continue to pour across the border into an already overburdened Texas border sector near Eagle Pass. Only two Border Patrol personnel were on duty at one crossing to process more than 100 people.

More than a hundred migrants crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas. The migrants going up to a gate in the Texas border wall were seen on camera by a television team.

When the party crossed, just two Border Patrol personnel were there, according to Bill Melugin. Soldiers from the Texas National Guard deployed as part of Operation Lone Star were ready to help. The gang identified themselves as Colombians, Cubans, and Venezuelans, according to Melugin.

A Fox News reporter shared a video of a mother holding a young child an hour later. Smugglers in Mexico handed her the unnamed toddler and told her to transport her across the border.

A message sent to her mother in Dallas, Texas, was carried by the two-year-old daughter. The mother, according to Melugin, acted casually and stated that she expects the US authorities to return her daughter to her.

Many groups have been seen crossing the border in the last 24 hours. Melugin posted another video on Wednesday evening showing a group of more than 110 migrants who had entered illegally. He added that another 150 had crossed in the same place earlier in the day.

According to unofficial numbers acquired by Breitbart Texas, Border Patrol personnel in the Del Rio Sector captured approximately 41,000 migrants in April. Official figures will be provided in the coming days.




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