Hunter Biden Has a New Plan To Pull In Huge Amounts of Cash

Hunter Biden appears to have escaped any real consequences for his alleged actions which led to an FBI investigation during President Donald Trump’s term.

One wonders what, if anything, will be chased currently in the open FBI investigation.

We have seen there are a whole lot of questions of conflicts of interest. Democrats would like to attempt and dismiss all that as insignificant by stating,”Hunter wasn’t elected.”

But his dad is in power today and it is his father who lied about not knowing anything about his son’s business partners. And it is his father who met with a few of those very partners as the mails on Hunter’s notebook and pictures of Joe with these partners prove. So you must ask if everything was on the up-and-up; if folks were not bargaining for access to Joe and whatever advantage the big man could bring themwhy all the lies?

Neither Joe nor Hunter have been called to account yet, meaning frankly, it might be ongoing even now.

Keep all that in mind while you check out this brand new report about Hunter Biden.

You may or may not understand that Hunter Biden has become an artist. It has now been announced that his’artwork’ has been priced between $75,000 and $500,000 dollars apiece depending upon the size and character, based on Fox Business.

Are they serious? Do they believe we were born yesterday and we actually think this man’s artwork is worth that? His artwork is worth more than the art of famous artists to begin with? According to Fox Business, a piece by Andy Warhol sold for $725,000 in a New York auction, in contrast. So we are really supposed to believe that Hunter’s artwork is so motivated?

Oh, and incidentally, the’buyers’ are anonymous, and they would not tell us that they are. So if it had been the CCP, we would never understand. So we’ll be seeing cash flood into his coffers, occurring in real time, right before our eyes, for’art’ (because he is so gifted, wink wink).

Thinking this might be one of these things the FBI may also wish to be looking into (assuming there are any of these men left who have not been compromised). Money flooding to the coffers of Joe Biden’s son, given the question of prior conflicts but especially now, given his father’s position, should concern us all.

Meanwhile, the scandals and Hunter’s usage of this n-word seemingly are not impairing the purchase price of the folks getting involved in selling the artwork. Apparently, none of that matters when he’s the magic”D” after his name.

Biden’s dealer [Georges] Berges – who represents Sylvester Stallone and was reportedly arrested in California for assault with a deadly weapon and terrorist threats – plans to promote the art through a private viewing in Los Angeles and an exhibition in New York in the fall later this year.

It stands to reason that his trader could also have a colorful past. Berges asserts that Hunter’s work has”authenticity.” Is that what you call it? Former drug addict, parmesan cheese hunter, stripper impregnator, conflicts with foreign entities — I am not sure”authentic” are the word that comes first to my mind.




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