Biden Made a Huge Mistake With Putin and Staff Race To Clean It Up

I wrote Before about Vladimir Putin testing Joe Biden.

His most recent move involved enormous military drills off the coast of Hawaii we had to scramble F-22 Raptors to tackle.

This was on top of this cyberattacks on crucial industries by Russian criminals.

Just how did Biden respond to Putin during his meeting? We don’t understand the substance of the personal discussion yet, but we do know what happened when they sat together for the media and were asked several questions.

Biden’s team had stated he would not be holding a joint press conference with Putin, but this sit-down collectively gave him some of the identical arrangement anyway.

We also reported before about Biden relying heavily on note cards, including some which seemed to have ready answers.

Here again, you can see him reaching for those cards in what is just supposed to be a short photo-op/few remarks moment with the media before the meeting.

But then it got worse.

According to numerous reporters who were present, a reporter asked Biden if he trusted Putin and he nodded yes, he did. Reporters asked Putin why would you dread Navalny, and what would you if Ukraine joined NATO. Putin did not answer.

Even the CBS correspondent could not believe it.

So Biden just told the world he’s weak and easily played by stating he trusts Putin? Please, do not ever talk about Trump who really was tough once you get this sort of an inane reaction.

The White House was subsequently forced to have to clean the mess up and manage his bad reaction.

Sure. The terrorists just guessed it, right? I believe that. And I believe in the Easter Bunny and unicorns Too. What a totally unforced bad move by Biden. How does anyone respond like that?

But this was not the first mistake when it came to Putin.

As I reported previously, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had to clean up the mess when Biden seemed to go along with a proposal on the exchange of cybercriminals, where Biden got played by Putin.

We must hope he survives throughout the assembly and doesn’t set the nation in too much of a bind. What a horrible place to be in with Biden there.




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