Illegal Border Crossing Ends In Tragedy – Young Boy Hit By Car

A traffic accident was unavoidable with illegals darting through lanes of traffic on the highway and emerging from sewers.

One day after Chuck Schumer called for a widespread amnesty for illegal aliens residing in the US, a thermal drone video depicts a large gathering of illegal aliens marching like soldiers and illegally entering private property in Eagle Pass, Texas.

On a Texas state highway, motorists are filming illegal immigrants from Mexico effortlessly jumping the border wall and vanishing into the traffic, occasionally even giving the drivers the thumbs up.

Before a 15-year-old boy broke his leg on Wednesday after jumping a border wall to gain entry illegally and darting across heavy traffic on Texas highway on Wednesday, illegal migrants jumped a 30-foot border wall and managed to cross two congested freeways.

David Herrera, the driver of the automobile that struck the youngster on Interstate 10 in El Paso, swerved to miss the migrants who were running from it. Then he stopped, traumatized to the point where he could not talk.

Herrera, 63, stated, “Once I hit him, I just pulled over here,” pointing to a median strip where he was parked. According to Herrera, who resides in adjacent New Mexico, the accident occurred Wednesday morning as he was driving his wife to work. The accident occurred on a 60 mph highway.

The mishap caused the child from Chiapas, Mexico, to break his leg, and he was taken by an emergency response team to a nearby hospital. Blood from the adolescent was streaked across the large dent on Herrera’s gray GMC’s driver’s side.

“Here in El Paso, we worry about hitting people running across the border.”




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