Slow Joe Is Going Berserk – Border Crisis Worsens

According to a forthcoming book, Joe Biden has expressed frustration and outrage over his administration’s failure to control the unmanageable border issue.

According to a future book recounting the early years of Biden’s presidency, Fox News reports that a furious Biden cursed frequently over the border situation as illegal immigrants continued to pour over the already overburdened southern border.

If accurate, it paints a very different picture of Biden from the one that seems to be openly praising an unprecedented rise in illegal immigration. In addition to attempting to sunset Title 42 and ending the Trump-instigated “Remain in Mexico” policy, Biden has previously hailed the additional diversity that such unrestricted immigration offers.

Whatever the driving forces, the outcome is devastating. And if he wants to address the border situation but is unable to do so, it at the very least demonstrates total incompetence.

According to the new book, Biden has never expressed such fury within his government over how the public perceives the White House’s apparent invitation to foreign nationals seeking admittance into the United States.

The tense relationship between Vice President Kamala Harris and Joe Biden is also mentioned in the book. It appears that rather than selecting his running partner based on trust and competence, Biden made his decision based on demographic requirements and woke virtue signaling. Vice President Harris was regarded by Biden as a “work in progress.”

According to previous reports from The American Tribune, instead of taking ownership of her primary responsibility—managing the border as Joe Biden’s choice—Harris punted and laid the blame at the feet of Republicans in general and governors like Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida in particular.




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