Iowa Governor Endorses DeSantis

On Monday night in Des Moines, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds publicly distanced herself from former president Donald Trump by endorsing fellow governor Ron DeSantis for the presidency. While DeSantis has focused on Iowa, visiting 87 of the state’s 99 counties, Nikki Haley has done the same, putting them neck and neck there.

Following a rally with the Florida governor, Reynolds posted her reasoning on X (Twitter), claiming that DeSantis is the candidate who “will have the moral conviction to do what’s right,” and is capable of fulfilling promises made to the American people.

DeSantis will need to make a strong showing in Iowa, where voters are familiar with the records of Reynolds and Trump. This move may establish new firsthand trust where an Iowa voter may know their governor’s impact but not Florida’s.

Iowa governors have a long history of rarely endorsing presidential candidates. After her falling out with Trump, Reynolds threw her support behind a long-time ally rather than the 45th president of the United States.

Having lost favor with Trump while leading flamboyantly conservative administrations, Reynolds may empathize with DeSantis’s improbable rise to the highest administrative office.

Within her own state, Governor Reynolds recently polled with a favorability of 81%, rating her higher than any of the Republican presidential candidates. DeSantis received a 66% favorable rating in the same poll, just ahead of Trump’s 65% favorable rating.

As the fate of the state, which is often used as a barometer for American presidential elections, is in the balance, her endorsement may prove crucial not only for the future of the state and country, but also for her personal destiny. Her selflessness could pay dividends in the long run, especially given the buzz surrounding her potential as a vice presidential nominee.




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