Janet Yellen Ate Psychedelic Mushrooms On Official Visit To China

According to a recent report, there is speculation that Janet Yellen, the United States Treasurer, might have consumed psychedelic mushrooms while visiting China. The report suggests that after her arrival on July 6th, Yellen entered a Beijing restaurant where she demonstrated her impressive chopstick skills by eating a bowl of jian shou qing, a dish that includes mushrooms with unique properties, including some that can cause hallucinogenic experiences lasting for extended periods. Subsequently, Yellen attended an official event where she repeatedly bowed to her Chinese counterpart in front of the cameras. 

An assistant to the treasury secretary verified to the media that she did, in fact, consume the dish.

Shortly after finishing her meal, Yellen had a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng, during which she bowed extensively while shaking hands.

A food specialist, who provided a description of the mushroom dish to a Chinese news organization after Yellen’s visit, mentioned that the subsequent sensations of dizziness could be disorienting.

Jian shou qing, which literally translates to “see hand blue,” refers to the blue-colored inner surface of the mushrooms that appears when pressure is applied, typically during the preparation process. These mushrooms belong to a family that is technically classified as poisonous, and the specific compound responsible for the hallucinogenic effects is still unknown.

A restaurant host who was present during Yellen’s visit described it as an exceptionally enchanting day.

The Biden administration dispatched Yellen overseas in an effort to improve relations with China, although it remains uncertain whether the visits of both the treasury secretary and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will yield any positive outcomes. Despite this diplomatic approach, China continues to offer implicit backing to Russia in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine, while also engaging in joint military exercises with Russia and Iran to provoke the United States.

As an indication of the extent to which the Biden administration is willing to accommodate China, Secretary Blinken recently expressed the stance that the United States does not support the independence of Taiwan. This statement was interpreted by observers as implying that the U.S. would not intervene if China decided to invade its neighboring island.




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