Kayleigh McEnany Breaks With Donald Trump

Kayleigh McEnany, a Fox News host, holds a contrasting opinion to her ex-employer, Donald Trump, regarding his claim that the cocaine discovered in the White House at the beginning of July was owned by Hunter Biden.

On Monday of last week, there were initial reports stating that a uniformed Secret Service officer discovered a package of cocaine while conducting a routine search of the White House on Sunday, July 2.

By Wednesday, officials initially stated that the cocaine was found in close proximity to the West Wing lobby, an area frequented by visitors during White House tours.

However, the narrative shifted on Thursday. According to NBC News, White House officials clarified that the cocaine was not found in the West Wing lobby but rather in the vicinity of the West Executive entrance. This entrance is situated below the West Wing offices, on the same level as the Situation Room.

The West Executive entrance, which is not included in the White House tour, is exclusively utilized by White House staff and preapproved West Wing visitors. This effectively eliminates the possibility that the cocaine was left behind by a visitor taking a tour of the White House.

In a post on Truth Social last Wednesday, Donald Trump alleged that the cocaine was discovered in close proximity to the Oval Office, questioning whether anyone believed that it belonged to individuals other than Hunter and Joe Biden.

Trump insinuated that the news media might try to shield the Bidens by suggesting that the substance in the baggie was crushed aspirin rather than cocaine.

Following that, he inquired whether special counsel Jack Smith was present in the location where the cocaine was discovered, accompanied by a remark stating that Smith appeared to resemble a crackhead.

However, on the “Fox & Friends” show last Thursday, Kayleigh McEnany, who previously served as Trump’s press secretary, expressed her disbelief regarding the possibility of the cocaine belonging to Hunter Biden. She stated that it was “inconceivable” since the cocaine was found 72 hours after Hunter Biden had already departed from the White House to go to Camp David on Friday, June 30.




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