Jen Psaki Blasted For Her Misleading Comments About Desantis


Here we go again. It seems that Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, struggles to tell the truth, just like her boss, President Joe Biden. It is still a lie to omit facts under any pretense. Psaki used a grotesque edited video clip of Gov. Ron DeSantis (Republican from Florida) suggested that he was not trying to get Floridians immunized because of the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading in the Sunshine State.

To correct the misinformation, critics of Psaki reached out to the governor. The Florida GOP was critical of the press secretary’s inaccuracy. The Florida GOP criticized DeSantis for prioritizing seniors. COVID hospitalization stays were shorter and more effective than in 2020.

Others agreed with the governor’s view that Biden was facilitating the spread of the virus by his open border policies. Every day, thousands of illegal immigrants who have tested positive for COVID-19 are allowed to enter the United States.

DeSantis challenged Biden on Wednesday to stop illegal immigration at the southern border, as it is responsible for all types of COVID variants entering the country. If Biden and Psaki thought picking on DeSantis was a political win for them, they should think again. What DeSantis did was expose Biden’s purposeful incompetency.