Jen Psaki Struggles To Hide Her Anger As Reporters Turn On Biden

In a video shared by BlazeTV host Dave Rubin, press secretary Jen Psaki appears to be struggling to contain her rage as she was questioned about her 2020 tweet calling the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story Russian disinformation, a prominent leftist narrative that the New York Times finally admitted was false in last week’s bombshell report.

Psaki, on the other hand, made it clear right away that she wasn’t interested in answering questions about Hunter Biden’s laptop or his shady business dealings, and instead summoned another reporter.

A reporter approached Psaki and said, “Since the Biden administration released a major report on corruption, he wants to ask you two brief and hopefully easy questions.”

The first son’s counsel announced shortly after President Biden’s virtual conference with the Chinese president that he has finally divested from a Chinese investment fund managed by state-owned businesses. He asked Psaki whether he could promise basic transparency regarding the transaction, such as the buyer’s name, the dollar amount, and the timing.

And his colleague Miranda Devine has a new book called the Laptop From Hell, and we were hoping she could confirm that the laptop is genuine and not Russian misinformation, as she implied on Twitter last year.

“You can go to the representative of the person who is not an employee of the federal government,” Psaki insisted.

Psaki dodged, “I think it’s clearly acknowledged and publicly understood, Peter, that there was a broad variety of Russian disinformation back in 2020.” Fox News, on the other hand, would need a new correspondent if looks could kill.




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