115 Immigrants Packed Into Semi Truck Discovered In Texas

Border patrol officials halted three 18-wheelers in Texas to detain over 200 unauthorized immigrants, including 115 who were crammed inside one cabin, according to authorities.

The 115 immigrants were discovered hiding in the tractor-trailer in Laredo on Thursday evening, including three unaccompanied minors, according to Border Patrol.

Authorities claimed they spotted the suspicious vehicle and attempted to stop it by flashing their patrol lights, but the truck continued on its way.

The driver was eventually apprehended near mile marker 10, according to authorities. Inside were immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, according to a search.

Hundreds of immigrants were squeezed into one compartment of the tractor-trailer, according to photos published by officials on Saturday.

Fortunately, it was a cold night in Laredo at the time. It can get up to 115, 120 degrees inside those trailers, and with that many people in there, it’s incredibly unsafe, according to Sara Melendez, a spokesman for the United States Department of Agriculture. Sector Laredo of the Border Patrol.

Authorities say 78 other immigrants were discovered inside two additional vehicles during smuggling efforts last week. Within 36 hours of each other, all three smuggling attempts were foiled.

According to Border Patrol, the drivers in all three incidents are US citizens. Currently, all drivers and immigrants are being held in jail.




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