Jill Biden Wears Medical Boot After Foot Injury In Hawaii


After sustaining a foot injury while on vacation in Hawaii, Jill Biden was fitted with a medical boot.

The boot was on the first lady’s left foot Friday as she and President Joe Biden boarded a helicopter from Delaware to fly to Camp David in Maryland. She also remained on crutches.

President Biden assisted her in climbing a few flights of stairs to the helicopter.

According to the White House, the first lady punctured her foot on a July beach walk in Hawaii. She was returning from the Tokyo Olympics opening and flew for official events.

On July 26, she returned to Washington and was treated at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Bethesda (Maryland) on July 29. The hospital was attended by President Biden and his wife.

Her spokesperson, Michael LaRosa, said it wasn’t known what caused the puncture, but the wound was cleaned, was not infected and was expected to “heal nicely.”

Since her return from Hawaii, the first lady was not seen in public.