Joe Scarborough Has A Melts Down As Democrat Infrastructure Deal Faces Doom

Joe Scarborough, a little-known MSNBC host, has made it more difficult to believe that he was once a Republican congressman for Florida. He throws tantrums at the GOP such as the one he did on Monday.

Scarborough tried his best imitation of a ‘Democratic strategist’ and blasted The Socialist Party and Congress for allowing Republicans to have any say in the hotly contested Infrastructure bill. It was as if Congress wasn’t narrowly divided, and that Republicans don’t represent at most half of the country.

Watch it Here:

The Daily Caller offers more insight:

Scarborough argued that continued attempts to tie the bipartisan deal to a reconciliation bill — which would give Democrats everything they couldn’t get in the deal — might cause Republicans to think twice about voting for the bipartisan package.

Cohost Willie Geist began by saying that President Joe Biden had “dug the hole” himself when he suggested that the two plans were going to be tied together.

Scarborough argued that the larger infrastructure plan touted by independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — which carries a likely price tag of $6 trillion — was unrealistic and that the best way to move forward with any infrastructure package was to find middle ground and get at least a few Republicans on board.

“I understand the progressive wing of the Democratic party has been long-suffering over the past four or five months listening about Joe Manchin and sometimes Kyrsten Sinema,” Scarborough continued.

“At the same time, if you want to have the bipartisan bill pass, you can’t say, ‘Yes, we’re going to use you to get to the 60 vote threshold this time, but only if we also can roll you with this 50 vote threshold at the same time.’ It’s just not going to work.”

He noted further that there are mixed signals coming from Democrats: Biden appeared to threaten a veto and then said he never meant to issue one, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that there isn’t going to be any bipartisan bill because she’s a Marxist tyrant at heart — neither a plan of action that will win much Republican support if any.

“Stop talking past each other! Pass the bipartisan piece of legislation, and then, instead of holding press conferences saying they need to be linked — because they can’t be linked — because if they’re linked, there’s no deal. So stop saying it!” he wailed.

“Stop saying it in front of the microphones and go to the bowels of the Capitol, get your Democratic caucuses together, and talk through it there,” Scarborough continued. “Stop giving Republicans high ground, which is exactly what you’re doing right now!”




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