Kayleigh McEnany Torches Fredo Cuomo For Helping Brother Spy On Women


Kayleigh McEnany tore Fredo Cuomo apart on Tuesday after revelations that Andrew Cuomo helped him spy on his accusers.

“You know, Chris Cuomo, not only was he on the air last night, he didn’t even mention this. Surprise, surprise. And what do we expect from CNN’s ‘thorough review?’” stated McEnany

“CNN is the same network that retained Jeffrey Toobin. We all know what happened there.,” she also added.

“This is the same network that allowed Chris Cuomo to bring Andrew Cuomo on air with that massive Q-Tip as Chris Cuomo’s lavishing praise on his Covid response when we know Andrew Cuomo was doing wrong by elders in this state who were shoved in nursing homes. This is the same network, when it was revealed that, in fact — oh, we have the picture, look at that, Chris Cuomo was advising his brother, they gave him a little slap on the wrist with a statement, we’ve talked to him. So I don’t believe in this thorough review,” she continued to say.


“And I do agree that the troubles for Chris Cuomo could be far deeper, during this investigation under oath he said he had a regular contact with Melissa DeRosa. Guess what Melissa DeRosa said under oath? ‘We had pretty regular contact.’ She says: ‘Chris sends me a lot of the things a lot of the time.’ And there are pages and pages of text messages. Chris has a lot to answer for, maybe more than just to CNN,” McEnany finally concluded.

As we reported earlier on:

CNN announced Tuesday that Chris Cuomo, their political anchor, was suspended following new details regarding his efforts to help Andrew M. Cuomo , former governor of New York. This followed a rise in sexual harassment allegations that caused the governor to resign.