Liberals Are Silent After Laura Loomer Makes Full Recovery

Liberals celebrated last week on Twitter the recovery of Laura Loomer, a conservative activist who was diagnosed with a “brutal” form of Covid. They hoped she would die but, sadly, she is now fully recovered.

They have been very quiet on Twitter since then.

Here are some disgusting comments they made in response to her covid diagnosis.

These comments were only the tip of an iceberg. Many liberals wished her an unimaginable, painful death. To their surprise, she was able to receive the powerful Regeneron MonoclonalAntibody treatment (which Joe Biden wants to limit from red states) and has since recovered from the Chinese virus.

Here is her latest Covid update on Sunday from her Telegram channel:

“Woke up this morning and I’m starting to feel better.

I tested positive for COVID on Wednesday around 8:30 pm EST.

On Thursday I received the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment around 10 am EST, and I immediately started taking Azithromyacin and Hydroxychloroquin (HCQ).

Since then, I have also taken Ivermectin, which has helped tremendously in getting rid of my cough. There’s a reason the media is railing against Ivermectin, and that’s because it works and the media is desperate to maintain their false narrative that it’s somehow dangerous.

For supplementation, I’m also taking Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, NAC, and Quercitin. I also took Pepcid.

I recommend all of you create a COVID preparedness kit for your homes that have the medications you will need if you do get COVID.

My fever has kept coming and going these last few days, so I’ve also been taking some ibuprofen for the fever and inflammation. I still feel tired and nauseous, but I feel much better than I did on Thursday!

Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes.

Much to the media’s dismay, it looks like I’m going to live to see another day… unvaccinated, unmasked, and with full, natural immunity!”

She has been updating Telegram with her usual political updates since Sunday’s update, further proving her return to normal.

Surprisingly, there was quite a bit of online chatter when she announced her covid diagnosis… but it is now CRICKETS.

When you search Twitter for “Laura Loomer”, chatter is virtually non-existent compared to the “blue checksmarks” on Twitter. Evidently, they are sorry she survived.




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