Biden Looks So Confused While Meeting With World Leaders


While speaking at the United Nations with world leaders, President Joe Biden found it extremely difficult to talk and be a normal person Tuesday.

As reporters began shouting questions, the President looked like a deer in headlights and was coughing profusely.

*COUGH* “We got a lot of work to do so thank you very much,” Biden said as he let out another massive cough. 

Biden then looked like a deer in the headlights as reporters started asking him questions.

Check it out:

Biden wasn’t just an embarrassment at U.N., this was not the only occasion. As he spoke, he became a gibberish mess and slurred through another speech.

“We need to create a new mechanism to finance global health security that builds on our existing development assistance…and global health – *gibberish* – and a-a-and a global health threat- countacle (?) – council….that is armed with the tools we need to monitor emerging pandemics”, Biden uttered.