Man Dies Of Heart Attack While Allegedly Burying Girlfriend He Murdered


According to accounts, a South Carolina man suspected of killing his fiancée died of a heart attack while burying her in their yard, in a twist of poetic justice.

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office said Joseph McKinnon, 60, murdered Patricia Dent, 65, inside a Trenton house on Saturday. Sheriff Jody Rowland said in a press release that deputies were called to the home after reports of an unresponsive guy laying in his yard.

They discovered McKinnon’s body when they arrived. Medical personnel were dispatched to the site and attempted to resuscitate him, according to Fox Carolina.

Deputies discovered a second corpse in a freshly excavated trench during their investigation, according to Rowland. Authorities identified the body as Dent, who lived with McKinnon.

Authorities said he experienced a cardiac episode while covering the pit. McKinnon allegedly assaulted Dent at his house, according to investigators. She died by strangulation, according to an autopsy.

“Mr. According to the sheriff, McKinnon then handcuffed her and wrapped her in garbage bags before dumping her in the previously excavated trench.

Dent was meant to be at work at the Mount Vintage golf course on the day she died, but she didn’t show up, according to the news station. She also didn’t return phone calls or text messages.