Media Is Ignoring Mass Shooting Suspect’s Immigration Status

The recent horrific mass shooting in America has caused shock among the people, and the Democrats are once again holding guns responsible for this tragedy. However, there’s a topic they seem to avoid discussing – the shooter’s status as an immigrant. It appears that the mainstream media also prefers not to address this matter, which works in favor of the Democrats.

Francisco Oropesa, a 38-year-old man from Mexico, was shooting his semiautomatic rifle in the front yard of his house in Cleveland, Texas on April 28. A neighbor requested him to stop as it was 11:30 p.m. and they were trying to put the baby to sleep. However, Oropesa refused and stated that he would do as he pleased in his yard. Later, he allegedly shot and killed five members of the neighbor’s family, including a young boy, by targeting their heads. Following the incident, he fled the area.

On May 2, Francisco Oropesa was apprehended by the FBI in Cut and Shoot, located approximately 20 miles away from his residence. He was charged with five murder counts.

Democrats were prompt to highlight that Oropesa would not have been able to obtain the rifle if it were not for the lenient gun control laws in place. While this statement holds truth, it’s also a fact that the unfortunate event could have been avoided if Oropesa did not reside in the country – which he should not have been able to do, as he is an undocumented immigrant who has already been deported four times.

Under the Obama administration, Francisco Oropesa was deported on several occasions, and one of the deportations resulted from him breaking the law. In 2009, he was detained for a minor traffic violation, which led to his deportation. However, he continued to return to the US unlawfully. The current administration does not appear to be committed to preventing the entry of individuals like Oropesa into the country.

Currently, the mainstream media is not acknowledging the fact that Oropesa was an undocumented immigrant. In fact, The Washington Post defended this stance, stating that there was no legitimate reason to mention his immigration status. However, the truth is that illegal immigrants are not thoroughly screened, which means we have no knowledge of their background or previous actions. It is the government’s responsibility to safeguard us from such individuals, but it appears to be failing in this regard.




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