Mona Lisa Attacked By Cake-throwing Climate Activist

In a weird prank, a cake-throwing eco-warrior assaulted the Mona Lisa, luckily causing no harm to her famed grin.

On social media, videos appear to show a young guy in a wig and lipstick entering in a wheelchair at the Louvre in Paris on Sunday, then springing up and assaulting Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th-century masterpiece.

According to Agence France-Presse, the guy, who was not immediately recognized, attempted to destroy the bulletproof glass first.

The witness, who goes under the handle Lukeee, then proceeds to smear cake over the glass and toss flowers everywhere before being tackled by security.

Another film shows the protester being dragged out of the world-renowned museum in front of Mona Lisa’s iconic grin, which has not been harmed.

After the incident, the wig-wearing attacker said, “Think of the Earth.”

“Some people are destroying the planet.” Consider this. Think about the Earth, say the artists. That’s why I did it,” he stated, without explaining why da Vinci’s masterwork should be the target.

Due to a number of further attacks, the cream was swiftly washed off and covered in bulletproof glass.

In 1911, a museum employee stole the Mona Lisa, which was later destroyed in an acid attack by a vandal in the 1950s.

A Russian lady, enraged at her inability to get French citizenship, hurled a ceramic cup at it in 2009, destroying the cup but not the glass or the artwork.

The Louvre did not immediately respond to requests for comment.




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