WH Adviser Melts Down When Challenged By News Hosts On Inflation

When asked to explain President Joe Biden’s strategy on inflation and the economy, Gene Sperling, a senior assistant to the president, turned the discussion into a yelling war on Fox News.

On America Reports Tuesday, Sperling yelled at co-hosts John Roberts and Sandra Smith for challenging him to explain the Biden administration’s mistakes that contributed to skyrocketing inflation.

“If he has been obsessed with bringing gas prices down, why are we at a brand new record high today, why are we seeing $4.62 a gallon at the pump if this president’s been obsessed with tackling gas prices and inflation?,” Smith said of Biden.

“You know that this is a global issue,” he said, seeming angry. “You read the papers today, you know that the Euro just said that inflation is 8.1 percent, you read the papers last week that the UK was at 9 percent, you know that this is a global issue.”

Smith interjected, “So there’s nothing we can do about it? There’s nothing we can do as a country to bring prices down?”

“I’ve explicitly, I’ve explicitly said the opposite!” said Sperling, who went on to add that the Biden administration will support the Federal Reserve’s autonomous initiatives to drive inflation down.

Smith then asked Sperling to anticipate future fuel prices, but he declined and instead cited pro-administration economic figures.

Later in the discussion, Sperling chastised the hosts for requesting Biden’s economic plan.

Sperling went on to say that Republicans don’t have an economic strategy, saying furiously that he tried to deliver Biden’s economic plan but was interrupted by Smith and Roberts.

In other parts of the conversation, he praised the administration’s job-recovery achievements while recognizing that they needed to shift their focus to combating inflation.

Most Americans blame Biden and his high-spending policies for inflation and the status of the economy, according to polls.




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