More Dems Start Dumping Their Own Party For GOP

As more Democrats continue to see the light, it may be assumed that this election cycle has seen a record-breaking party shift. This awakening is due in large part to Biden, who created several crises that helped these Democrats realize they had been fighting for the wrong causes all along.

According to reports, Pennsylvanian Democrats are defecting from the party on a daily basis in advance of the 2017 elections. According to a recent New York Post article, around 8,400 Democrats in Pennsylvania’s western region have defected to the Republican Party in preparation for the 2022 midterm elections, and more are still doing so.

Beth Ann Rosica, a Pennsylvanian, recently spoke about this enormous exodus on Fox’s “Fox & Friends First.” Rosica declared,  “I think the economy is huge, and I also think a lot of the school issues for parents across the state of Pennsylvania, it’s just been horrific watching what’s happened to our kids academically, socially, emotionally.”

In comparison, just 12,000 Republicans changed their party membership in 2022, compared to around 40,000 Democrats who went to the GOP.

I can speak for all Americans when I say that the Democrats have done all in their ability to assure that no one will ever want to vote for them, and that is to say that they are to blame for their demise this election season. In a state with so many parents, it is only reasonable to assume that they will prioritize their kids and want the best for them. The fact that these Democrats want parents to consent to doing the exact opposite at the risk of their children’s future is absurd.

All Pennsylvanians have suffered as a result of the failed democratic policies, according to Rosica. Because it led to academic losses, which they prioritize, parents are even more irritated. Rosica continued, “The locals have every reason to be angry and upset with what has occurred here over the past two and a half years.




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