Mount Rushmore Shutdown Requested Over White Supremacy

Unbelievable ties between Target and a group with an anti-American, anti-Mount Rushmore agenda have been discovered in a new research. The news comes after the store encountered backlash for selling Pride-themed items. Target, like many large organizations, appears to have let awakened management take the helm, and it is now suffering as a result.

Some conservatives thought the transgender-friendly swimwear sold by Target in its 2023 Pride line was inappropriate for children, prompting a reaction against the retailer in late May. As a result, the retailer backed down, hiding Pride displays and removing some items from shelves.

Target’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) division has ties to a radical left-wing pressure group, according to a Fox News investigation, which might provide a new challenge to the retailer’s efforts to cleanse its image.

Fox discovered that Target’s nonprofit foundation — which is directed by company management — funded the NDN Collective in 2022, which is under the control of corporate management. This South Dakota-based “indigenous-led” group is heavily engaged in woke politics and seeks to compel the US government to hand over all public lands in South Dakota, including Mount Rushmore, to indigenous people. Mount Rushmore is referred to by the group as “an international symbol of white supremacy and colonization.”

The group is also running a campaign called LANDBACK, which calls for the defunding of law enforcement, the criminal justice system, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (a peculiar aim for an indigenous rights group), and the “military-industrial complex”. The NDN believes the United States should be “demilitarized” because it was founded on the “indiscriminate killings” of Native Americans and the recapture of escaping slaves. It also wants white parents to teach their children woke race politics.

Fox claims that after George Floyd’s death in 2020, Target’s DEI project took off and soon began funding extreme political organizations. Target is still recovering from the Pride boycott, and these latest disclosures might do considerably more damage to the company’s reputation if the company continues to incorporate woke politics into its business.




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