The Biden Regime is Betraying American Farmers

Joe Biden has made it crystal clear that the United States of America is not his first priority ever since he took office. Now he is helping out countries like China and Russia, while leaving American farmers out in the cold.

This terrible government is aiming to weaken the United States in order to help communist China advance its anti-agricultural globalist goal.

Black Farmer Slams Biden

The president of the Black Farmers Association, John Boyd Jr., has recently spoken out against the Biden administration. He confirmed that Biden has been paying substantial sums of money to both Russia and China.

His promises to the agricultural sector in the United States were empty promises. In the United States, over 10,000 farms were lost just last year.

President Biden should focus on domestic agriculture issues instead of negotiating trade agreements abroad.

Without government support, agriculture is struggling while multinational corporations from other countries reap the rewards.

While Biden has provided financial aid and incentives to farmers in China and Russia, the American farmer is on his own.

The Rot Runs Deep

A new analysis, published by Sen. Joni Ernst and Open The Books, reveals that the White House administration has been channeling substantial sums of money to China and Russia. About $1.3 billion was transferred to agricultural organizations in Russia and China.

This includes $1.6 million for Chinese food manufacturers that supply the National School Lunch Program run by the United States Department of Agriculture, money that could be going to American farmers instead.

But that is not all. Additional projects in China and Russia have received millions in funding contributions.

One such instance is the award of over $2 million to a Chinese research facility in Wuhan for their work on the coronavirus in bats.

The Biden Betrayal

Boyd Jr. has valid points of critique. It is ridiculous that Biden exploits cheaper foreign agricultural businesses while not providing incentives to farmers.

Boyd Jr. pointed out that Biden not only killed incentives for American farmers, but he’s also been killing the proud life story that farms have preserved for generations.

Biden has recently angered the farming community. Good luck in 2024!




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