North Korea Holds Military Parade With Nuclear Threat

KIM Jong-un has demonstrated lethal hypersonic missiles that are capable of striking US sites in MINUTES, as part of his pledge to rapidly expand North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

As he delivered a lecture during a massive military parade featuring the state’s most formidable weapons systems, the despot vowed to deploy nuclear forces if provoked.

It comes as Pyongyang has increased its weapons tests and military shows in the face of delayed denuclearization talks with the US and a new conservative government in South Korea.

Officials from the United States and South Korea claim there are evidence of new work at North Korea’s lone nuclear test site, which has been closed since 2018.

Maxar satellite photographs from March looked to reveal maintenance activity at the Punggye-ri facility, which might indicate Pyongyang is prepared to resume nuclear weapons testing.

“Our Republic’s nuclear forces should be fully prepared to carry out their responsible task and deploy their unique deterrent at any time,” Kim said at the parade.

The nuclear force of the North’s main role is to deter conflict, but it can never be used for that purpose alone, he stressed.

The parade was held Monday night to commemorate the 90th anniversary of North Korea’s army, which has served as the backbone of the Kim family’s authoritarian rule. It comes as the country’s economy is battered by pandemic-related problems, as well as sanctions imposed by the US and mismanagement by the country’s own leadership.

Kim, clad in a white military ceremonial coat, smiled and waved from a balcony with his wife Ri Sol Ju and other senior officials, according to state media photographs.

According to South Korean military sources, North Korea first tested the hypersonic missile in September, sending it off the east coast toward the sea.

The Hwasong-17, North Korea’s largest and most recently manufactured intercontinental ballistic missile, was also displayed on Monday evening.

North Korea claimed to have successfully test-fired the missile last month, claiming it was the first full-range ICBM launch in more than four years, and producing a propaganda video of the launch based on the movie Top Gun.

The United Nations Security Council has placed sanctions on North Korea, which prohibit the nation from developing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.




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