NY Prosecutors Announce Possible Charges Against Trump

The left is never satisfied, and this theme has been reinforced by the New York machinations against Donald Trump and his group. The state’s attorney general, and the Manhattan DA, have joined forces in an apparent fishing expedition to try to criminally accuse someone.

As previously reported, the investigation moved into criminal territory, which culminated in the formation of a grand jury. It was not clear where this would take us at the time.

We may now have an idea. Trump’s lawyers were informed by the Manhattan DA that they may charge Trump’s organization for “fringe benefits” granted to an executive. Although Trump is being accused in this case because it is his organization, it would not be him being directly charged in court.

They tried to make it seem like a bombshell with their tweet. But when you look at the article, it is anything but. It appears that the entire investigation is a complete sham.

A company is charged by a prosecutor for “fringe benefits”, possibly not being properly recorded. What if the usual remedy was to audit them and then send a bill? This is what the partisans disguised as law enforcement officers came up with after all this confusion. It all seems desperate, much like Robert Mueller’s indictments. They seem desperate to justify the investigation more than they are to reach any real crescendo.

There’s always the possibility of a smaller shoe being released. However, I am skeptical. They could have Trump’s personal goods, but I doubt they would lead. This seems more like the first of a series marginal, questionable accusations to make it appear like they are drawing more blood. That is if they actually follow through.

Trump didn’t do his taxes. Even if it was missed, I think it’s unlikely that they will ever be able charge him directly with anything. They would need to show evidence that Trump gave direct orders to tax fraud to be able to charge him. This is similar to the “quid proquo” hysteria surrounding the first impeachment. Trump is not the type of person who would be involved in tax preparation for his company. This assumes that there is any wrongdoing, which we haven’t yet seen and may never see.

That our justice system has been turned into this kind of political farce is not good for the country. AG Letitia James literally ran on getting Trump. The Manhattan DA, Vance, has always presented himself as a rabid partisan. This is not how things are supposed to work, but until the American people get serious about fixing this stuff at the ballot box, it’s what we have to deal with.




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