NYPD Officer Rips Flag Away from Army Vet at Anti-Vax Mandate Protest

Officers in the New York Police Department have repeatedly demonstrated that their devotion is to socialist mayors and their wages, not to the United States Constitution.

One especially egregious example is a guy recognized as an unnamed U.S. soldier by an independent photojournalist. Entering a Panera, an Army veteran is confronted by law enforcement officers for refusing to comply with unlawful and unneeded vaccination passports.

Shore News reported that a vaccination mandate and passport protester was detained inside a Brooklyn Panera Bread shop after being refused service for failing to produce his immunization status. 

“The individual said he was not protesting, but rather ordering food and not receiving it despite paying. The man said he was not protesting, but was ordering food and even though he paid, did not receive his food. The man said he ordered the food and paid for it, but was refused service by the restaurant.” Leeroy Press reported the story on Twitter, and Panera Bread did not issue a statement about it.

The story further said “The man was arrested and booked into the 175th precinct but was released later in the afternoon,” the story added. “The customer, an Army veteran, has now been arrested three times for violating the city’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for restaurants.”

The American flag being dragged away from the guy crying “the flag does not touch the ground!” is one of the most startling images from the encounter. The flag was not only trampled on, but it also touched the ground. Nothing could be a better metaphor for what the NYPD is doing to America than that.




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