Obama Advisor Panics Over ‘No Labels’ Third Party

An opinion piece published in Politico on December 18 by Jim Messina, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, asserted that a “third-party candidate” would not have a chance of winning the 2024 presidential election. He went so far as to say that former president Donald Trump will “definitely” win next year if the Democratic Party does not choose Joe Biden as their nominee and instead chooses someone else.

A repeat of the 2020 presidential election is “set in stone,” according to Messina’s op-ed. He also said that the Democratic Party as a whole needs to face reality and quit believing that another candidate could unseat Trump. In addition, the ex-top adviser attacked the non-partisan organization No Labels, calling its propaganda “a dangerous lie” that serves just the interests of the outgoing Republican president. Joe Lieberman, a former senator from Connecticut and a Democrat who became independent, was the driving force behind the group’s founding.

According to the former Obama administration advisor, third parties in the US have never been able to win elections on their own, but they have been able to influence the victor of the election in each of the last 50 years. Messina Group CEO went so far as to say that No Labels might be trying to “throw the election” in favor of the conservative leader by endorsing a different candidate.

The idea that the US needs a third party to stop Trump from running for president again in 2024 “is a lie” propagated by those with “ulterior motives,” Messina said. He went on to suggest that No Labels should be forthright with every American voter and “cut the crap” immediately, and that everyone there is aware of it.

At the end of his opinion piece, the former Obama adviser warned that the United States would be led to dictatorship if a well-funded third-party candidate ran for president in 2024.




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