Marvel Drops Major Actor Following Conviction

Rising star Jonathan Majors was a major player in Hollywood. A number of shows featured him, including “Lovecraft Country” on HBO and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” on Marvel. A aggressive act landed him in hot water later on. Currently, the actor has been dropped by Marvel.

On December 18, Majors was found guilty of third-degree assault and misdemeanor harassment by a six-person Manhattan jury. Both the second-degree aggravated harassment charge and the third-degree deliberate assault charge were dismissed by the jury. His alleged violent altercation with Grace Jabbari, his ex-girlfriend, is the basis for the charges.

On March 25, there was a fight between Jabbari and Majors. It was supposedly a message from another woman that Jabbari found on Majors’ phone. As soon as she reached for his phone, he yanked her finger, twisted her arm so it was behind her back, and finally struck her on the head. When she attempted to follow after him, he grabbed her and shoved her back into the vehicle.

After the fight, Majors went to a hotel, and Jabbari went to a nightclub. He returned home later that evening and found her unconscious. He thought she tried to kill herself and called 911. Police from the New York Police Department apprehended the performer as soon as emergency personnel reached the scene. An broken finger and bruises were among Jabbari’s injuries.

During the trial, text messages revealed the incident wasn’t the first time Majors got violent with Jabbari. He’d allegedly hurt her head in the past and sent her a message that read, “I’m a monster. A horrible man. Not capable of love.”

Majors was sacked by Marvel Studios and Disney following the guilty conviction. The fresh York Times reports that he was set to star in “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” but the studio is moving forward with the project without him while a fresh script is being produced. This is part of a larger plan to adapt a character he played in “Quantumania” into multiple Marvel films.

For his sentencing hearing, Majors is scheduled to return to court on February 6.




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