One Location Has Already Banned Gas Hookups

Around the country, a struggle is building over gas stoves. Many studies have found that the appliances cause severe indoor pollution, prompting calls to prohibit them. A city in Oregon has officially banned the use of the appliances.

On February 6, Eugene City Council voted 5-3 to prohibit natural gas hookups in new dwellings of three floors or fewer. The new requirements apply to all building permits submitted after June 30th. According to Mayor Lucy Vinis, the governor has “promised to create 36,000 new residences per year.” She went on to clarify that the city didn’t want those households to have natural gas lines, so it’s now leading the way to show everyone how to make the move.

The new restriction applies not only to stoves, but also to lines for furnaces, water heaters, and anything else that may consume natural gas.

Councilman Mike Clark told a local TV station that the new rules will deter developers in the area. He also believes that people will be upset because the measure was not put to a vote in the community.

Eugene isn’t the first city in the country to make the switch. Natural gas pipes are prohibited in new homes in Berkeley and San Francisco, California. New York City has already enacted a similar bill, and Governor Kathy Hochul (D) wants to enact a statewide law to handle the issue. Washington, DC is also attempting to distance itself from them.

Republicans have resisted the attempts in several regions. According to a CNN article from 2022, 20 states with Republican-controlled legislatures have approved legislation that proactively prohibits cities from passing regulations that limit the use of natural gas in new construction. The energy business is also attempting to halt the introduction of gas bans.




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