State’s Power Grid Faces Sudden Collapse

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) unveiled a proposal in November 2022 to bring his state to net zero pollution by 2045. California’s aggressive initiative included eliminating fossil fuel use by 86% and greenhouse gas emissions by 85%. Despite the lofty aspirations, Fox News reported that prior to the proclamation, California relied primarily on fossil fuels for energy. At least one expert predicted disaster if state officials do not slow their rush toward clean energy.

An unnamed policy expert told Fox News Digital on February 14 that the state is facing years of probable electric grid blackouts and breakdowns as officials try to transition to renewable energy sources. Some experts reportedly informed the news site that Newsom was constructing an unstable infrastructure that would only worsen over time.

According to Edward Ring, Senior Fellow at the California Policy Center, the state will have to create far too much in a short amount of time to meet Newsom’s target. He feels the load will be “excessive” and that the consumer will bear the cost.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) appeared to concur in mid-December 2022 that America’s electricity grid could face supply gaps and blackouts in the coming years. According to Fox Business, the organization’s Long-Term Reliability Assessment (LTRA) research indicated that California and sections of the south and midwest would be particularly vulnerable beginning this year.

NERC indicated that, while it supports the shift to green energy, failure to do it effectively might be disastrous. The group specifically mentioned Newsom’s plan’s speed as possibly problematic, implying that it may be too quick. The Manhattan Institute’s Steven Malanga told Fox News Digital renewables are “intermittent,” expressing concern that the west coast state isn’t preparing a backup plan in case the transition to green fails.




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