Police Kill Suspect, Injure Three, In Bustling Downtown

A suspect was shot and killed by three police officers on Saturday, December 16th, in downtown Austin, Texas, after they responded to a disturbance call outside of a pub. Three innocent bystanders were wounded as the police responded to the suspect’s claimed pistol point with gunfire.

The 200 block of East Sixth Street in downtown Austin is home to several live music venues, restaurants, and bars. Just before midnight, gunshots broke out at one of these establishments, according to a police statement. It’s worth noting that the Texas penal code prohibits the possession of firearms inside of these establishments.

Police were called to the scene of a guy attempting to enter a bar with a pistol at 11:52 p.m. on Saturday, according to Interim Police Chief Robin Henderson, who revealed the incident at a press conference on Sunday. The bartenders saw the suspect standing outside when the cops arrived, so they went over to talk to him.

The suspect, according to Henderson, pulled a revolver on police and passers-by. The three on-duty APD officers responded by shooting the criminal. Subsequent autopsy results verified the suspect’s death from his numerous gunshot wounds.

According to the police chief, no policemen were hurt in the gunfire, but three bystanders were. One of them was sent to the hospital quickly because of their serious condition. The exact nature of the gunshot wounds sustained by onlookers was not immediately apparent. Henderson, on the other hand, verified that the other two people were hurt, but not seriously.

The event was captured by the officers’ body-worn cameras, which are required by regulation to be published within two weeks.

Authorities withheld the identity of the suspect for the time being. The three officers shot were, according to the police chief, on administrative duty and were acting in accordance with department policy on events of this nature. According to her, the cops who were involved in the deadly event have all been with the department for over ten years. The Austin Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office are working together to determine what happened.




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