Rep. Luna Says House Will Vote To Censure And Fine Adam Schiff

In the recent interview with Steve Bannon, Representative Luna from Florida, who belongs to the Republican party, confirmed that the House, which is currently under Republican control, plans to censure and possibly impose a fine on Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California. 

This decision follows several months of increased political tension and controversy surrounding Schiff’s behavior. Luna, a rising conservative figure, expressed that Schiff will be remembered as someone who deceived others, highlighting the importance of holding individuals accountable, a message that the GOP has been emphasizing lately.

In the interview, Luna shared specific information regarding the forthcoming vote and reiterated the support of the GOP leadership.

“To my knowledge, tomorrow we will be taking the vote to censure him and potentially fine him.”

Following that, she further mentioned that the vote is scheduled for tomorrow evening and that the legislation is presently undergoing the drafting process. This indicates that the GOP is actively and collectively striving to ensure that Schiff is held responsible for his conduct.

The vote is being pursued in response to allegations against Schiff, accusing him of disseminating “false narratives” during the Trump-Russia investigation. Luna and numerous other Republicans strongly assert that lawmakers should bear the repercussions for their conduct throughout the investigation, especially considering the revelations outlined in the Durham report.

Schiff, a veteran Democrat known for openly criticizing the Trump administration, has frequently been a target of Republican criticism.

Yesterday, Representative Luna from Florida, a Republican, discussed the ongoing efforts of the House Oversight Committee to hold Adam Schiff, a former House Judiciary Committee chair from California, accountable for making false statements regarding the Trump-Russia investigation during her appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures.

Earlier this month, the congresswoman from Florida took action by filing a motion to censure, denounce, and impose a fine of $16 million on Schiff, alleging that he deceived the American people regarding the investigation. This move came shortly after the release of the Durham report, which confirmed that the FBI initiated the Trump-Russia investigation without substantial evidence supporting claims of collusion.

During his tenure as House Judiciary chair, Schiff made consistent assertions that he possessed exclusive evidence substantiating collusion between Trump and Russian intelligence agencies. In a 2017 interview with Meet The Press, he stated,“I don’t want to go into specifics, but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial. But as I’ve said all along, there’s plenty of evidence of collusion.”

Apart from tarnishing the reputation of the House of Representatives, Luna contended that Schiff’s actions severely undermined the unity and solidarity among citizens in the United States. Luna further emphasized that the Trump-Russia investigation incurred a financial burden of 32 million dollars on taxpayers.




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