Security Camera Captures Insane Shootout At Convenience Store As Crime Soars


A wild gunfight occurred inside a convenience shop in Montebello, California, as recorded on surveillance camera.

On Saturday, April 30, just before 10:30 p.m., the event occurred at the 7-Eleven shop.

The employee is seen dealing with customers before engaging in a brief chat with a man who walks in. That man drew his gun and began firing, while the first client drew his gun and fired back.

Before the first attacker raced out of the business, bystanders fled the shooting. Despite the fact that hundreds of gunfire were fired during the gunfight, no one was hit or harmed.

No arrests have been made, and police are seeking public assistance in identifying the suspects.

Employees stated the gunfire caused extensive damage to the business, but Lasko said the owners swiftly restored the broken doors. They further stated that the two suspects were fighting before they began firing.

“Montebello is a safe city, and incidents like this are uncommon. Like our entire region, Montebello has experienced a rise in some crime over the past year for several different reasons. However, I assure residents that your Police Department remains vigilant and ready to respond and protect whenever necessary,”  said Police Chief Paul Espinosa.