She’s Back: Democrat Marianne Williamson Returns to Challenge Biden

Marianne Williamson halted her pursuit for the Democratic nomination on February 7 following her defeat by President Joe Biden in the Nevada primary. However, she has recently declared her intention to re-enter the race.

On February 28, Williamson declared her re-entry into the race for the Democratic nomination. In a video shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), she explained that she initially suspended her campaign due to falling behind in the race but emphasized the significant stakes involved. Williamson characterized former President Donald Trump as a fascist and warned of his looming presence. She further expressed doubt that Biden could effectively counter the threat posed by the fascist ideology.

Williamson asserted that Americans must unequivocally communicate to Biden the necessity of revising his stance on Israel to secure their backing in the upcoming general election. This was evident in the Michigan primary, where the option of “uncommitted” garnered over 13% of the vote. However, Williamson also advocated for Americans to push for a range of reforms, including economic, environmental, criminal, and racial justice, Medicare for All, tuition-free college and vocational training, fair wages, accessible housing, cessation of the War on Drugs, and the rejuvenation of the middle class.

Convincing Democrats may pose a greater challenge. Williamson’s performance in the primary contests has been lackluster thus far, with only 3% of the vote in Nevada, 4% in New Hampshire, and 2% in South Carolina. Following her 3% result in Michigan, she relaunched her campaign.




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