Soccer Coach Suspended For Misgendering Trans Student

Allen stated he was suspended without pay following a social media post regarding a transgender kid in the Vermont school’s females locker area during a Thursday night interview with Tucker Carlson with his daughter Blake.

He claimed that he misgendered the male student in a social media post by calling him a man, for which he was disciplined. While there isn’t much public support, he said, he occasionally receives encouraging remarks in private.

Unfortunately, the problems persisted. Blake, his daughter, was also disciplined because she objected to a transgender student—a biological male—using the girls’ locker room.

The remainder of the team was present when the transgender kid entered the locker room, according to Blake. She left because she felt really uneasy and informed the school, but they ignored her and told her there was nothing they could do.

Blake added that she was later suspended for trying to express her belief that a man shouldn’t use the women’s locker room. Blake said that she would prefer to be suspended rather than write an apology letter.

The suspension was eventually removed following the filing of a lawsuit.

When asked why she believed she was suspended, Blake conjectured that the institution was upset with her for pointing out how inappropriate it was for a man to be in the locker room with them.

She concurred with her father’s assertion that others are reluctant to speak up.

Transgender conflicts are become more and more common. A teacher in Canada has been donning false breasts, a biological man garnered national notice for attempting to rush an Alabama sorority, and a biological male crushed a girl’s face during a volleyball match just recently.




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