Southwest Employees Get A Huge Victory in Their Fight Against Vax Mandates


Southwest Airlines employees have good news about their resistance to personally invasive vax mandates. Their exemptions are being “all” approved.

Robby Starbuck is a producer and director who is running in Tennessee’s fifth congressional district in 2022.

“A pilot at Southwest tells me the company just approved their vaccine exemption and all the exemptions from other pilots they know on the same day,” Starbuck said. “Automakers also just agreed with unions to not require the jab. We’re winning. Biden’s medical segregation policy is falling apart.”

The brave Southwest Airlines employees won’t be the last to win. They chose to resist the company’s policy and fight back. The company said that it would not place employees seeking exemptions from vaccine mandates on unpaid leaves in mid-October, just one day after employees staged a peaceful protest at Southwest Airlines headquarters in Dallas.

“The employee will continue to work, while following all COVID mask and distancing guidelines applicable to their position, until the accommodation has been processed,” according to an internal note sent to employees that was obtained by Fox Business.

The report stated that Southwest was the latest airline to mandate its employees get immunized by Dec. 8. However, it gave employees the option of applying for religious or medical exemptions.