Stunning Video Shows Massive Migrant Group Crossing Border

As the Biden administration gets ready to announce the number of interactions recorded in June later this week, breathtaking footage captures hundreds of migrants crossing the Rio Grande illegally into Texas.

A stream of migrants can be seen in the video wading into the river and then coming ashore at Eagle Pass while some are carrying children and luggage on their shoulders and backs.

The reporter also claimed on Twitter that coyotes, or people traffickers, were leading the migrants across the sea.

Melugin later stated in a tweet that there was just one humvee from the Texas National Guard there when the group initially entered the river, not a single Border Patrol agent in sight.

“What the American people see: lawless open borders,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said. “What cynical Democrat politicians see: potential Democrat voters. #BidenBorderCrisis.”

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) forecast that there will be additional crossings in the upcoming weeks.

The massive group crossing on Wednesday is simply the most recent in a series of recent large group entries as the southern border has continued to experience record levels of migrant crossings.

The number of interactions in June has not yet been disclosed by US Customs and Border Protection, although it recorded a record number of 239,416 in May.

Many had believed that continuing to use the Title 42 health expulsion power under the Trump administration would stop the predicted large-scale border crossings, but the daily numbers have remained high.

Agents are detaining 1,000–2,000 migrants everyday in Eagle Pass alone.




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