Judge Calls On Biden To Come Clean Over Voicemail


After a damaging voicemail contradicting President Biden’s long-standing claim that he never became engaged in his son’s international business transactions surfaced, Fox News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro urged him to come clean.

She later said that President Biden had been exposed for lying.

Hunter Biden was reassured by President Joe Biden that he was clear in a heartfelt voicemail left for him in December 2018 after the New York Times ran an article concerning Hunter’s connections to the Chinese energy firm CEFC China Energy.

As Biden considers removing President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports, Pirro claimed that the Biden family’s financial links to China are likely influencing policy.

This year, there have been rumors that Hunter and his uncle Jim received millions from CEFC.

Before the 2020 election, a different former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, came up and revealed to Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden was the large man who was said to have received a 10% ownership interest in an infamous email from Hunter’s laptop.

Hunter had close ties with mystery millionaire Ye Jianming, who served as CEFC’s chairman, and later defended Ye’s accomplice Patrick Ho following his bribery arrest. Ho contacted Jim Biden following his detention, and Biden told the Times that Ho was likely attempting to contact Hunter.

Hunter expressed his concerns about the Times’ enquiries about his connections to Ho, whom he referred to as the espionage head of China, in an audio clip taken from his laptop.

At the Obama White House, then-vice president Biden met with one of Hunter’s business partners and even prepared letters of reference for a Chinese investor that Joe had met through Hunter on a state visit to China.