Texas Farmer Says Biden Ignores Worsening Toll of Migrant Surge

On Sunday, a Texas farmer living at the border with Mexico in Texas urged President Joe Biden to “become president of the United States,” and to care as much about illegal immigration on Texas as he does for the states of the East and Midwest.

Longtime Kinney County farmer Tim Ward spoke out on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. He said that the migrant surge had cost him both money and his peace of mind.

“The freedoms we once enjoyed we are no longer able to cherish and enjoy. It’s a different lifestyle,” he said.

“There was a time I did not [carry a pistol everywhere]  but now I do. I would say they [migrants] are here on a daily basis now, say we encounter them every day? No, but we know they are here. We see that debris they leave, the footprints, the fences cut and so we know they are here.”

He described the presence of migrants as “a tremendous cost.”

“We recently in the last five years replaced fences and it was right at $150,000 and once the fences are cut we have right now about 23 cut,” he said, adding “They are no longer what one would describe as durable as they were to begin with and so what I have had to do is move my livestock to another location because I couldn’t risk them escaping getting on the highway and perhaps causing problems.”

Ward stated that he has a simple message for Biden.

“I would like to say I think President Biden should become the president of the United States,” he said. “If this was happening in Delaware, I know he would do something about it. If it was done in New York or Illinois, there would be those that would call on him and he would respond to those areas. But I feel like he has abandoned [us]. He has no care for the people in this state, of this area and we are extremely disappointed in him. 

“I think he should be ashamed of himself. … to think he’s been …entrusted with the highest office of this land and to think he would abandon his citizens just for political favoritism is a very serious critical error on his part.”

Ward also described a terrifying encounter with four people Ward believed to be migrants.

“One recent incident was there were four that appeared at our back door about this time of day and they were well clothed, all had cell phones and they asked me where San Antonio was and I told them to the east and pointed in that direction,” he said.

“They immediately said ‘well, you are going to give us a ride right now’ and so I had kept a distance and I was still seated in my vehicle and I answered them by saying ‘no, I’m not taking you anywhere’ and then they began to approach the vehicle and when they did I had a pistol …and I reached for it and when they noticed that they said ‘okay, we have had enough, we are leaving’ and so I asked them to depart from the property.”




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