Trader Joe’s Issues Sixth Recall Since July, This Time for Tamales

Trader Joe’s has declared its sixth product recall in the span of a few months, causing concern among its devoted clientele. The latest recall pertains to black bean tamales, which could potentially include an unspecified dairy allergen. Fortunately, there haven’t been any reported injuries associated with this issue. 

It seems to be a matter related to labeling rather than a critical health risk for the majority of consumers. These tamales, originally intended to be dairy-free, were mistakenly filled with cheese and incorrectly marked as non-dairy. This recall shares similarities with previous proactive recalls, such as soup possibly containing insects and cookies that may contain small rocks.

Trader Joe’s underscores that each recall is linked to a distinct manufacturing facility, and there is no connection between these recalls; they are purely coincidental. Trader Joe’s is renowned for its close collaboration with manufacturers and its unwavering commitment to recalling any product if there is a potential issue.

The oversight in packaging has had a predominant impact on stores located in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Nearly all Trader Joe’s locations have experienced a recall over the past two months.

Trader Joe’s asserts that their communications regarding recalls go beyond the required protocols, reflecting their commitment to transparent, proactive, and candid communication with their customers. By taking swift and efficient action, their aim is to minimize the likelihood of any injuries.

Individuals with food allergies are particularly vulnerable and depend on precise product labeling to safeguard their well-being. Those without food allergies, although less susceptible to allergic reactions, also deserve to enjoy their food without the concern of encountering unexpected objects like rocks in their soup.

Trader Joe’s generates an estimated yearly revenue of around $13 billion and maintains a workforce of roughly 50,000 employees. They aspire to sustain customer loyalty and esteem through their forthright communication and proactive actions. 

It’s their policy to promptly declare a recall when they believe it is necessary, regardless of the possibility of another recall occurring in the near future. Their primary concern is the safety and well-being of their customers.




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