Two Teens Arrested After Fatal Mall Shooting

One person was killed and two adolescents were arrested after a shooting at a mall in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, according to a story from The Hill.

WCMH in Ohio stated that at 6:14 p.m. on Sunday, an incident was reported at Easton Town Center in Columbus.

A mall police officer on special duty found the victim approximately a minute later on Grammercy Street, close to where Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is located, as reported by Columbus Police Sgt. Joe Albert. At a nearby hospital, the person was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

According to Albert, the area was secured and mall patrons and personnel were taken to safety as police examined the event.

Sunday evening at 7:39 p.m., Easton Town Center management released a statement saying the event was “no longer an active situation.”

Several minors have been held, but no arrests have been made, according to Deputy Chief Greg Bodker of the Columbus Police Department, who spoke at a press conference on Sunday night.

On Monday, authorities in Columbus, Ohio revealed that the victim was a male youngster and that two 13-year-old males had been detained in connection with the crime.

Both lads were arrested, but only one faced murder charges while the other was accused of trying to thwart the legal process.

On Monday, the teen’s counsel contested the murder charge during a court appearance. The judge ordered the juvenile to remain in detention until his hearing on Thursday. Prosecutors claim the teen made an attempt to conceal the weapon in a mall garbage can.

The second youth allegedly misled to police about his location until he was eventually identified on surveillance footage. The judge released the teen with ankle monitoring restrictions. The terms of the boy’s release include a prohibition on his using social media and a requirement that he only leave the house to go to school.




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