US Deals Strike Against Houthi Unmanned Underwater Vessel

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) released a statement affirming a sequence of effective strikes against Houthi insurgents on February 17. One of the strikes specifically aimed at what officials have identified as the initial unmanned underwater vehicle spotted in the area since the previous autumn.

“This is the first observed Houthi employment of a UUV since attacks began on October 23,” CENTCOM posted on X.  Furthermore, the command underscored that these actions aim to safeguard maritime freedom and enhance the safety of international waters for vessels.

The military’s target list also comprised an unmanned surface vessel and at least three distinct mobile anti-ship cruise missile systems. These five strikes were merely a fraction of a broader, continuous operation aimed at addressing the growing threat posed by Houthi rebels in Yemen and the Red Sea region.

CENTCOM stated they had evidence indicating that the militant group’s equipment posed a significant and imminent risk to merchant vessels and US Navy ships. However, they refrained from specifying the precise nature of the threat.

In recent months, Houthi insurgents have initiated a series of drone and missile assaults on international shipping routes. Initially concentrating on Israeli-owned vessels, they subsequently expanded their scope to disrupt overall regional maritime security.

In December, leaders of the militant faction issued threats to commence targeting any vessel headed for Israel, regardless of its nationality, even those carrying humanitarian assistance. They pledged to persist until Gaza received essential food and aid supplies.

Reports suggest that the Houthi militia possesses a wide array of weapons manufactured in Iran. Nonetheless, Iranian officials vehemently deny these allegations, asserting no wrongdoing or direct engagement.

In December, a coalition of global forces united to tackle the persistent hostilities as part of the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian (OPG). Operating within the Combined Maritime Forces framework in Bahrain, OPG is a military endeavor designed to combat militant assaults on shipping routes in the Red Sea.

Participants in OPG represent more than 20 nations worldwide. The majority of these countries openly oppose the rebel group and its efforts to destabilize the region. However, at least 10 participating countries chose to keep their involvement confidential.




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