US Military Found to Be ‘Weak’ for Second Year Under Biden

Over the past decade, the Heritage Foundation has been releasing a yearly assessment on the condition of the US military. Known for its straightforward approach, the conservative think tank’s 2024 report continues this trend. For the second consecutive year, it presents a grim outlook on the Armed Services, specifically critiquing the leadership of President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

On January 24th, the Index of US Military Strength was unveiled by the organization. It assessed the strength of the US Military, assigning a “weak” rating for the second consecutive year. The study suggests that the US Armed Forces lack the capabilities to safeguard the nation’s interests. 

Furthermore, the report highlights a significant concern, indicating that the military faces a substantial risk of being unable to meet the requirements of a singular conflict while addressing other national security priorities. The report provides a detailed analysis of the performance of each service branch, and the findings indicate a concerning situation for all of them.

As outlined in the report, the Navy is deemed to require a fleet of 400 manned ships to effectively fulfill contemporary responsibilities. Regrettably, the current fleet stands at 291 ships. Consequently, when a ship encounters malfunctions or other issues, the Navy faces challenges in promptly addressing repairs.

Navy’s readiness was ranked as weak.

The Army is grappling with a significant recruitment issue, leading to a shortfall of about one-third in the required number of soldiers to effectively manage various regional conflicts. Consequently, the force is diminishing in size, and the branch has been unable to undergo rapid modernization.

They were ranked as marginal.

Among the five military branches, the Air Force is facing the most challenging situation. In the event of a significant conflict, it is estimated that approximately 1,200 combat-coded, active-duty fighter aircraft would be necessary. However, the current count stands at 897, leaving the Air Force ill-equipped to effectively respond to even a single conflict.

The Air Force was ranked as very weak.

The Space Force, the most recent addition to the military branches, is facing considerable challenges. It not only falls short of meeting present warfighter requirements but also seems unprepared for future needs. There is no evidence to suggest that the Space Force has made any enhancements to its readiness since 2019.

They were ranked as marginal.

The Marine Corps stands out as the military branch exhibiting positive performance. After being designated as “marginal” in 2021, the force swiftly elevated its readiness score to “strong” in the subsequent year and has sustained this high rating since then. This achievement is attributed to the ongoing modernization efforts within the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps was ranked as strong.

A representative from the White House National Security Council communicated to Fox News Digital, affirming the Biden administration’s dedication to maintaining the United States military’s capability to overcome any potential adversary. The spokesperson further emphasized that the U.S. possesses the most robust, highly skilled, and proficient fighting force globally.




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